Valentine’s Day Treats

This Valentine’s Day impress your loved one or treat yourself with an ALTERNATIVE to chocolate dipped strawberries.


Having fun in the kitchen with new creations is one of my favourite things to do. In the above photo I filled raspberries with melted dark chocolate and a couple of almond slices for that little extra crunch. These little guys may have a tendency to topple over. When you place them on the plate upright, just rock them back and fourth a little to flatten out the bottoms. They should stand up nicely.

I like to choose my ingredients carefully because of some food intolerances and sugar is one of them. For this I chose an unsweetened dark chocolate. But unsweetened is different than sugar-free. Sugar-free usually means sweetened artificially. Your local health food store should carry an unsweetened chocolate. I also like to use unsweetened chocolate because your taste buds really get the full flavour of chocolate without being masked by all that sugar.


But don’t stop there. Chocolate dipped pineapple with almond slices is a delicious choice (above).
I dabbed the pineapple cube on a paper towel slightly before dipping, just to absorb a little extra fruit juice.


Skewered blueberries dipped in dark chocolate (above) are also super easy.

Have fun this Valentine’s Day. Treat your loved one or treat yourself.

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