Easy & Impressive, Boat-shaped appetizers 3 Ways

Belgian Endive (my secret star ingredient for these 3 appetizers)  is a leafy vegetable that is firm and crunchy, with a slightly bitter taste. It holds its shape very well which makes it a perfect boat-shaped vessel to hold all kinds of delicious ingredients. Below are my 3 quick tips for a great appetizer. No cooking required.

Appetizer 1 – Hummus jalapeño and pine nut endive boats

Here’s what you’ll need: Belgian Endive (the boat-shaped leafy veggie on the left), jalapeño pepper (or a hot pepper of your choice), hummus, pine nuts and parsley as garnish.

Agnes_borowik_hummus prep

Assemble together and Voila.

Agnes_borowik_hummus beauty


Appetizer 2 – Smoked Sockeye salmon with goat cheese
and chives endive boats

What you’ll need: Belgian Endive, goat cheese, chives and smoked Sockeye salmon.

Agnes_borowik_smoked salmon prep

The final result.

Agnes_borowik_smoked salmon beauty

Appetizer 3 – Serrano ham, cherry tomato and basil endive boats

Here’s what you’ll need: Belgian Endive, cherry tomatoes, basil and Serrano ham (you can use prosciutto but I find it a bit saltier depends on the brand available to you)

Agnes_borowik_sirano prep

Assemble together and get ready to wow your guests.

Agnes_borowik_sirano ham beauty

Have fun and why not try a combo of your own. These Belgian endive leaves are great for scooping and dipping too, so the possibilities are endless. Enjoy.

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