Paris: the city that changed everything

A few years ago my husband and I were about to celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. After a several years of having nothing but work and illness in our lives we decided we had enough and wanted to know what living was. So 2 weeks before our anniversary we said to ourselves, what the heck, let’s go to Paris. And 2 weeks later we were in PARIS!


IMGP0443IMGP0368IMGP0681Paris is the city that changed everything for us. It started a lifelong, and still ongoing love of travel. Paris opened our eyes and gave us a purpose. It also helped me discover my passion for photography. With such a rich history and amazing architecture it’s a sea of creative stimulation for anyone artistic. It really inspires.

The Opera HouseIMGP0540IMGP0517IMGP0558


We walked the streets of Paris every day. Crêpe carts on almost every street corner. Little cafés and restaurants. We had a very expensive but well worth it Crème brûlée and café next to the famous Pont Neuf at LA CARTE SUR TABLE. That’s when I discovered that true Crème brûlée really doesn’t have such a thick heavy layer of crusted sugar on top. It should be very thin and delicate. This one was perfect. And my hubby was very happy as he could satisfy his craving for dessert. (he had those cravings often)


What impressed us also was the Metro in Paris. Paris has one of the densest Metro networks in the world under ground with over 300 station. Trains run every 2 minutes from around 5 am to midnight. This intricate web of public transportation makes this city so efficient for commuters that taking a job across the city from where you live wouldn’t be a problem as your commute time would be 20 minutes. I always thought I wasn’t a city girl, but what I realized is that I’m a CERTAIN CITY girl.IMGP0419

The Louvre

We heard from many people, that getting into the Louvre mid summer would be a next to impossible task. I guess someone was smiling at us that day because we got in within 10 minutes. The Louvre housed, yes, amazing pieces of priceless art but what surprised me is that the structure itself was as much a piece of art as anything else within it.IMGP0291IMGP0341IMGP0288IMGP0281IMGP0264

IMGP0285A week was definitely not enough time to see all of Paris. I hope one day we can spend a month there. We returned to the Eiffel Tower 2ce during our stay. Once during the day and once at night. It was worth the 2nd visit. The tower just glows at night. Sounds very touristy I know but it is so beautiful, like it’s made of steel lace. IMGP0637IMGP0660

I plan on returning there for my 40th birthday if everything goes to plan. I definitely left a piece of my heart there and I will always feel a pull to go back to Paris. IMGP0193


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