Czech Republic: Brno and the MotoGP

Brno, Czech Republic, a quaint little town full of history and beauty like you’d expect from a European city. It’s a truly postcard town.


brno_agnes_borowik-10brno_agnes_borowikOur very first MotoGP race (Moto Grand Prix) to those that don’t know it’s the Formula 1 of motorcycle racing in Europe. The season consists of 18 races around the world in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. The race weekend in Brno was unforgettable. We decided to go all out and spare no expense and booked the VIP village experience. Fully catered and open bar all day for the 2 day weekend. With that came paddock tours, pit lane tours to get up close and personal experience with the motorcycle teams, riders and crew.


brno_agnes_borowik-7brno_agnes_borowik-4brno_agnes_borowik-2brno_agnes_borowik-8brno_agnes_borowik-9I can not express the feeling you get when the engines roar, and they roar loud. These million dollar bikes have incredible power. You literally feel it in your chest and heart. It’s very loud being dozens of feet away when the bikes are on the race track, but being 5 feet away is indescribable. We knew we were hooked. Our mission in life is to see all 18 races. This was number one. Stay tuned for 2 more races that took us to Spain and Italy.

*** Photos from MotoGP are personal vacation photos only and have not been reproduced or sold in any way. All photos are copyright – Dragon Fruit Photography, do not copy, crop or reuse in any way.***

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