Dark chocolate, almond butter & raspberry cups

Have you ever wanted a little healthier alternative to the chocolate peanut butter cups. I did too. So I came up with this tasty alternative. Dark chocolate, almond butter & raspberry cups. They are fun and easy to make and you won’t feel as guilty about eating them.

Start with a good quality dark chocolate chips. I used 1 cup of Belgian dark chocolate chips. Place them in a metal bowl, over a water filled (1/2 way) medium saucepan small enough so the bowl sits on the edges of the saucepan. On a medium heat start heating the water. The steam will heat the metal bowl melting the chocolate gradually. Continuously stir the chips. The key to perfectly melted chocolate is to not let the water boil. If the water boils and over heats the bowl the chocolate will start to cook and you will not get a smooth consistency to the chocolate.chocolate_almondbutter_cups_agnes_borowik

Once the chocolate has melted set aside for a few minutes so it’s not too runny. Meanwhile prepare your paper candy cups. Pour in a teaspoon of the chocolate, using the teaspoon spread the chocolate on the bottom and the sides of the paper cup, about 3/4 of the way up the side.


Once done, place the cups in the fridge to let the chocolate harden.

Once it has hardened, add about 1/4 teaspoon of all natural almond butter in your chocolate cup.chocolate_almondbutter_cups_agnes_borowik-3

Then add a small dollop of raspberry jam on top of the almond butter. (I chose a natural jam with no added sugar, sweetened only with fruit juice)chocolate_almondbutter_cups_agnes_borowik-4

Place the metal bowl with any unused chocolate in the saucepan again and re-heat until the remaining chocolate has melted again. Feel free to add more chocolate chips if it doesn’t look like it will be enough to cover the almond butter/raspberry jam completely for all your cups. I had to add about 1/4 cup more. Once you’ve melted the chocolate again, spoon the melted chocolate and cover the top of the cup.chocolate_almondbutter_cups_agnes_borowik-7

Return the cups to the fridge and let the chocolate cool and harden.


Once they have hardened, the center will remain deliciously gooey while the chocolate stays crunchy. Delicious and better-for-you treats when you use all natural ingredients. Enjoy.

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