Visiting beautiful Italy, from Rome, through Tuscany to Venice

Excitement is setting in, as I pack for our 2nd trip to Italy. Two years ago we visited Italy for the first time and completely fell in love with it. We knew we had to come back. During our first visit we flew into Rome and decided to spend 5 days there to really experience, and absorb the city. We realized early on in our travels that one or two days in one place is not nearly enough. You always rush, not fully living in the moment as you’re already thinking where you have to be next. So Rome got our full attention.

Words can’t fully express the beauty of Rome. The food in Italy is always so fresh and simple and flavourful. Having a wheat allergy I was cautious, however, I discovered I’m allergic to the North American wheat, not European. Very strange but it must be the processing or preservatives. I’m not exactly sure. So I allowed myself to enjoy the pasta and the pizza.Italy_agnes_borowik-12

Italy_agnes_borowik-27Rome From above and the Colosseum.

Italy_agnes_borowik-13 Italy_agnes_borowik-16

Italy_agnes_borowik-26 Italy_agnes_borowik-29 Next stop was Florence. Another spectacular city which is why we are flying into the 2nd time around. When we were the 2 years ago, we attended the MotoGP in Mugello. That didn’t leave us quite enough time to take in the city. This time we have 3 more days.


July proved to be very hot and very touristy. As you can see. But we had a wonderful hotel with a rooftop terrace to get away.


And I’m very happy to be returning to Hotel L’orologio once again to the exact same room.

Now for the races. Great excitement and great fun. The drive to Mugello was very picturesque.Italy_agnes_borowik-3Italy_agnes_borowik-4

Italy_agnes_borowik-10 Italy_agnes_borowik-9 Italy_agnes_borowik-8 Italy_agnes_borowik-7

After the races we were off to Venice for a few days. Truly a post card experience.

Italy_agnes_borowik-18 Italy_agnes_borowik-19 Italy_agnes_borowik-20 Italy_agnes_borowik-21 Italy_agnes_borowik-22 Italy_agnes_borowik-23

So stay tuned for round 2 in Italy. We’re also visiting Lake Garda and driving over to Monaco and south of France which is also a return visit. I can’t wait to share with you.

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