Sausage and homegrown peppers with caramelized onions

Jet lag still lingering after being back home from our trip to Europe so dinner needed to be quick. My garden is still bearing lots of veggies. Though the tomatoes are almost done, my peppers are quite perfect. Did you know that all peppers start out green, and then they turn colour? That’s why these beauties are multi-coloured. There are still green areas left but a gorgeous red and orange has taken over the peppers. Really amazing to watch nature at work.


I picked up some really nice lean turkey sausages to make some sausage and peppers. This dish is so easy and really there are no ratio rules. I used 4 medium-sized turkey sausages, three medium peppers and one small cooking onion. That’s it. In a big skillet, I started with some light olive oil and sautéed the sausages for about 3 minutes. Then I added the one onion, sliced into strips. I like to cover the skillet at this point and let the sausage and onion cook. The onion gets nice and caramelized when it’s cooked for longer. After about 10 minutes I added the peppers, also sliced. A little salt and pepper to taste, and allowed to sautée for another 7 minutes or so, covered. Stirring occasionally. Then uncovered for a couple of minutes just so any water evaporates, and voila.


I’m in the process of editing my trip photos, from Italy, Monaco, Nice and Lake Garda. Can’t wait to share with everyone. For a sneak peak follow me on Intagram @ Dragon Fruit Foto, or on Facebook .

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