5 easy steps to a healthy and delicious REAL turkey sandwich.

This week being with a little excitement as at a local grocery stores I discovered an artisan spelt bread. Being wheat intolerant this got me so excited I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. This bread is made of spelt, dark rye, with sunflower seeds, flax and a sprinkle of oats on the outside, it looked so delicious I just had to get a loaf. I decided to make a healthy, delicious and REAL turkey sandwich for lunch, and by REAL I mean using fresh, wholesome, non-processed ingredient.

Below is a quick reference gallery of how YOU can build a REAL sandwich, healthy, delicious and so easy. Or scroll down and read more.


BTW I had such a good time shooting these images. My brother made me a few more surfaces for my props library, I was so excited to shoot this post.

So to build YOUR ‘REAL’ sandwich, start with STEP 1: FIND YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISAN BREAD



Last week I posted an Easy and healthy tarragon goat cheese, veggie spread, but I had so much left over I thought this spread would go great on sandwiches as well ,instead of mayo or mustard. STEP 2: MAKE SOME GOAT CHEESE SPREAD.Agnes_borowik_food_photography_turkey_sandwich-3


I then picked a gorgeous ripe avocado and sliced  a few pieces, (don’t forget a little lemon juice to keep it looking green as it can turn colour quite quickly). STEP 3: FRESH, RIPE AVOCADO, SLICED.


With more and more emphasis on health and real food, I try not to buy the processed pre-packaged lunch meats, even though there are a lot of choices now that say ‘no preservatives, or additives, etc. There’s still nothing more real than an actual whole roasted turkey breast, sliced for your sandwich. There are a few grocery stores around where I live that offer this, check your local stores for your REAL turkey options. If not you can always make one yourself and you’ll have it for the week for your family’s lunches. STEP 4: REAL TURKEY BREAST, SLICED.


Next, to add a little juice to the sandwich I chose a yellow tomato. Having a very sensitive stomach, red tomatoes, due to their high acid content sometimes cause me stomach upset. Yellow tomatoes have less acid and really, aren’t they just so pretty. I love growing them in my veggie garden in the summer. So STEP 5:  YELLOW TOMATO, SLICED


SEASONING (OPTIONAL): A little fresh cracked black pepper and REAL sea salt to season and voila. You can eat it open-faced if you’re watching your carbs, or top it off with another delicious slice or this artisan bread, or bread of your choice.

VEGETARIAN: For a Vegetarian option simply omit the turkey and it’s still a delicious option for vegetarians or anyone.  Agnes_borowik_food_photography_turkey_sandwich-6






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