“Freedom is an option, not a given. Exercise your options!”

The quote that titles this post I pulled from a set of coasters my brother gave me a few years ago when I needed some inspiration and it really stuck with me. Isn’t it great?

Part of why many of us travel is the addictive feelings of freedom and being alive we feel when we do. At least I do, I hope it’s why you do too. But most of us, we can’t travel a lot, so my husband and I fill in the gaps between trips with our weekend trips on our babies. No, we don’t ride babies, of course, we ride our motorcycles. Since we don’t have any children we often refer to our bikes as our babies as they bring us a lot joy, but also we get that sense of freedom and being alive from riding out bikes, same as we do from travel.

I’m not a big fan of riding in the city. It’s noisy, polluted, stop-and-go every few hundred meters, not to mention your senses are on overdrive looking out for potential threats. That’s not relaxing for me. I ride for the enjoyment and the peace. Luckily to the north of where we live, quite literally 5 minutes away is the beginning of beautiful stretches of country roads we like to take and unwind. Whether it’s half hour, or 4 hours, there’s no shortage of country roads that just make everything OK.

Let me introduce you to our ‘babies’ and a few pics of us in the gallery below.

With the Spring riding season upon us, please share the road with motorcycles. Check your blind spot, signal, leave space and please don’t drive distracted. Thank You.


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