Home-made, fresh, organic, delicious veggie and fruit juice

For a long time now my husband and I have been very conscious about what we eat and drink. Largely due to his chronic illness that’s lasted now for 11 years, which there’s no cure for. So a clean diet is one of our majour focuses. I like to read a lot about food and nutrition, organic vs conventional, and watch documentaries about food. A few weeks ago I saw the documentary “fat sick and nearly dead” and although we are at a healthy weight and food choices are pretty good I found it fascinating how one can live on just fresh juice for 60 days and completely change one’s health. I often wondered, and debated with my husband, about juicing vs eating the whole fruit or vegetable. What this documentary has put in perspective for me is that with juice, you’re getting a fast delivery system of micro nutrients essential for cell regeneration and new cell growth. Where as with eating the whole vegetable, you would need to eat a whole lot to get the same amount as in a glass of fresh juice. And let’s face it. Who eats pounds of fruits and vegetables every day. I certainly don’t. And the absorption is faster with juice. So we dug up the juicer, which hasn’t been used in a long time and started juicing. We integrated the juice into our daily diet, and didn’t really have a need for fasting as in the documentary.

I love experimenting with mixing fruit and veggies of all different colours when I’m making my juice. Today I did a juice with organic carrots, organic beets, organic apple, and pineapple. The ratio really doesn’t matter. I do shop organic produce as much as possible. From the reading I’ve done, it shows that organic fruits and veggies do contain more nutrients and far less pesticides, if any. The pesticides, I’ve read, are the chemicals that change the nutritional value of produce, not to mention the harmful effects on your system when ingested. Shopping organic is a little more expensive, sure, but if you look at the amount of money we spend on designer coffee everyday, I prefer to put that money towards something that really matters. My health and nutrition. Take a look at the gallery below and just how amazing this fresh produce and juice looks. And I have to tell you it tastes amazing. I can’t wait to start growing my own veggies and juicing all summer long. Enjoy.

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