Superfood your breakfast with pomegranates

It’s no secret that pomegranates are a superfood. It is packed with antioxidants and vitamins and has all kinds of health benefits. But what I didn’t know and recently discovered is that, you can, in fact, eat the white fleshy part of the fruit as well, and that it has all kinds of benefits too, I view the seeds as a little tiny broom sweeping down my digestive track helping my body get rid of anything harmful, and be the best it can be. I won’t get into the technical, clinical lists of what the fruit is good for, I’m no doctor, but do encourage you to read up on it, it’s quite fascinating. Here’s a good link I found.

Of course the taste of the fruit, amazing. I just love how the little seeds burst in your mouth and before you know it you have a mouth full of tart fresh juice and crunchy seeds, delicious. I like the tart taste because I don’t particularly like fruit, I know it’s terrible to say, but the acidity in most fruits bothers my very sensitive stomach so I choose my fruit very carefully. And pomegranate is one of the fruits that actually helps my stomach.

I love incorporating the pomegranate seeds into almost every meal, but let’s start with breakfast. This Sunday morning I made myself an amazing goat cheese, pomegranate and maple syrup sandwich on Spelt, rye and flax bread. And I couldn’t resist a little goat yogurt with almond slices and maple syrup over a bowl full of pomegranate seeds. Check out the gallery below. Enjoy.


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