Cascading Cliffs & Lemon Flavours of Sorrento, Italy

Once again the travel bug has bitten us a couple of weeks ago and when the price is right, and the occasion is right, it’s really hard to ignore.

I’m celebrating a milestone birthday in a few days and we really wanted to make it special so we headed off to Italy. It’s no secret that I’m in love with Italy, but particularly the Mediterranean sea. Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast were an easy choice. I’ve been dreaming of visiting that area for decades and I’m so very excited to share with you another check mark on my bucket list.

Mediterranean sea has a particular hold over me ever since our visit to Marseille France. One look and that was it for me. The Italian Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Sea is no less alluring.

We flew into Rome on a Tuesday and stayed by the coast in Fiumicino at a lovely hotel Tiber. A very new and modern hotel right be the water. We had a great meal, rested up and headed down to Sorrento the next morning.

The drive was relatively short and pleasant. Once we passed Mt. Vesuvio and Napoli, we rounded a corner and got a first glimpse at Sorrento. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-2Every few hundred feet, there’s an opportunity to park your car for a short rest and a chance to take in the scenery. This was our first stop where we were also greeted by a street vendor selling light sandwiches and refreshments. What Sorrento is well known for is it’s lemons. At this particular stop the nice Italian gentleman was selling freshly made lemonade. I got him to spike mine with a shot of locally made Limoncello. Limoncello is a 35%, sweet lemon liqueur, made locally in Sorrento.

As we sipped our spiked lemonade we took in the first sights.



With a fun and at times adrenaline filled drive through the narrow winding coastal roads, we arrived at our destination. We stayed at an amazing cliff-side hotel named Hotel Corallo. Really spectacular hotel with halls of marble, several seaside multi-level decks with just breathtaking views. We had no problem splurging on this place and it was well worth it. We got an amazing mini-suite with top level, panoramic, huge sundeck. So worth it.


We had no problem soaking in the sun and relaxing on this spacious deck.

sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-18The hotel had a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. With also amazing views. This hotel was also popular for wedding receptions. The 4 nights we stayed there, we had the pleasure of witnessing 3 weddings. Imagine getting married in a place like this. The food was fresh, simple and delicious. And they have room service.


sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-19Almost directly blow the hotel there is a public ‘beach’ that guests have free access to. You can take a lift, the 15 or so storeys, or you can take the tunnel down. I recommend the tunnel, it’s much more interesting as carved into the cliff with the path leading along the edge of the cliff and periodic windows to gaze out of.





The parking at the hotel was among lemon trees. They really do grow everywhere.


We spent the first day exploring the surroundings. The hotel was about 2km outside downtown Sorrento in a much quieter area. What we didn’t know is that between 1pm and 4pm no one’s around and most shops are closed except for the heavy touristy areas. So as we wandered the empty streets we stopped into a local restaurant, luckily it was open, for a late lunch.

sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-6 sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-7 sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-8 sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-9 sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-10 sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-11 sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-12 sorrento_agnes_borowik_dragonfruit-13

Then we headed for a long walk to downtown Sorrento which was just hopping with tourists and shops filled with leather, ceramics, gourmet food, souvenirs, cafes and restaurants. Sorrento also has a majour port that takes you to island of Capri (stay tuned for a later post), Ischia, Procida, Napoli, and Amalfi. We wandered around, tried not to spend too much money, periodically stopping for an espresso and a Limoncello. Our journey is far from over.


This was just the beginning. Stay tuned for my next posts… visit to Capri. Also coming soon, Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvio as well as the Amalfi Coast. I can’t wait to share with you. Enjoy.







4 replies

  1. I feel like I’ve been there now. Except, maybe, for not being able to actually taste the food!

    • I wish I could bring the food back with me 🙂 but we’ve adapted the simple fresh way of cooking for sure. I’m glad you like my detailed story telling. These blog posts will help me for my travel book as well.

  2. Brings back memories of my trip to Italy three years ago. Beautiful scenery and great food throughout the trip. I’m sure you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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