Summer Peach & Sweet Cherry Tomato Quinoa Salad

As mother nature continues to grow delicious fresh local fruits and veggies, I’m always think of fresh twists on my favourite dishes. One of those is definitely anything with quinoa. I love coming up with fresh ingredients to throw into a delicious quinoa summer salad. Today I decided to make a quinoa salad with summer peaches and sweet cherry tomatoes from my garden. Both being sweet in a different way, the flavours just seem to marry well together. Add the mild aromas of fresh basil in the mix for a delicious, fresh lunch or snack.



What you’ll need

1/2 cup quinoa
3/4 cup small cherry tomatoes cut into 1/41 small peach, skin pealed and diced
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp lemon juice
4 medium leaves of fresh basil, chopped

Sweet cherry tomatoes

Sweet cherry tomatoes

Fresh summer peaches

Fresh summer peaches

What do do

Cook quinoa according to package instructions set aside and allow to cool. In the mean time cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters. Peal the peach and dice. Combine the cooled quinoa with the rest of the ingredients, with a spoon fold ingredients carefully until mixed together. This makes about 1 generous serving or 2 smaller servings.


Peach and cherry tomato quinoa salad

Peach and cherry tomato quinoa salad

You’re all set for a light and healthy summer salad. Enjoy.


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