Quick, Easy & Good-For-You, Dark Chocolate Coconut Fondue

Go ahead, feel good about what you eat when you’re eating good-for-you, healthy, simple ingredients. There’s no need to deprive yourself of the good things in life. It just comes down to making informed choices. This chocolate-coconut fondue is easy, simple and you just need to read a few labels to make really good-for-you.

Start with a good quality dark chocolate. Make sure it’s at least 70% cocoa. There usually is sugar in chocolate, but check the label. If sugar is the first ingredient it signifies that there is more sugar than any other ingredient. First ingredient and the second should be cacao, cocoa, or cocoa mass, sugar should be as far to the end of the list as possible. Beware of chocolate that says ‘sugar free’. This means that it’s been sweetened with artificial sweeteners, in that case you’re better off with sugar than a chemical substitute. Good quality chocolate has been proven to have many health benefits. Everything in moderation of course.


Next, choose your favourite fruits and dip them into the velvety smooth melted chocolate. Now I like to shop locally grown and what’s in season. Choosing locally grown fruit means that the fruit has been picked very close to ripeness, as it doesn’t take long to get to your local grocery store. What it also means is that it definitely tastes better and can have more nutritional value than fruit that was picked sooner and ripened on the truck getting to you. Today I chose local Ontario peaches and strawberries. Strawberry season is winding down so I’m not missing any chances to enjoy them. The peach season is just starting which I am so excited about. I’m definitely going to share more peach creations with you soon.



For a super fun and healthy addition to the fondue, I decided to dip them into unsweetened grated coconut. Coconut and coconut oil is getting a lot of publicity lately about its health benefits. Not to mention how delicious it is of course. Once again, read your labels. I chose the unsweetened because the fruit is already so sweet do you really need more sugar. Besides, I find sugared coconut really masks the true coconut flavour.


So have some fun, choose ingredients that are as close to mother nature as possible and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.


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