Strolling Slowly Through Minori, Italy

A Quaint Town on the Amalfi Coast

To continue on the leisurely drive along the Amalfi coast, we set out south of Conca Dei Marini. We pass the town Amalfi, and along our drive we stop at a little store which offered water, espresso, vino and pastries. With water and pastries in my hand as I walk away from the store I hear ‘Bella, Bella’ and I put my head down and smile a little. A few kilometers down the long winding coastal road, sits a small town of Minori.

It’s about 1:00 pm when we arrive. Parking was not too difficult to find as most of the town is very quiet and not as touristy as Amalfi. Some small businesses are open for tourists such as small markets, coastal restaurants, shoe stores and cafés. The quiet narrow streets are a pleasure to stroll through, observing the residence on their balconies enjoying the slow pace of life. It made me think about how busy our lives are in North America and how I long for life to slow down. I would like to wake up when I’m 80 and remember the simple but important moments in my life.

Italians have a special relationship with food. It’s one of the reasons I love to cook and try to as often as possible. Cooking is personal and it takes time. Choosing your fresh ingredients, smelling them, touching them and admiring them. If you grow your own vegetables like I do, you nurture them so it’s very personal. Like any relationship, it takes time and care, but the rewards are many. This is how I see my food.

Living in North America, we need to learn how to slow down, take a breath, find and enjoy the calm. Travel is a great way to gain perspective and learn from other cultures and take something back with us. Our mind and body needs this calm to be healthy. So take a walk through Minori with me, pause, take a slow deep breath and Enjoy.




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