Streets of Ravello, Italy – Amalfi Coast

Ravello is located a little more inland, or should I say upland, from the coast of Amalfi. The drive up was windy, very windy, but so picturesque. Curved road nestled in lush, very high hills with homes and olive groves and lemon field situated on the mountain sides.

The town itself had many narrow streets that were a pleasure to get lost in. Stumbling upon shop after shop that sold locally made pottery, linens, wine, and jewelry stores. We made our way to a residential area and got to see how the locals live. Enjoy the walk through my photos below.

Ravello_agnesborowik_dragonfruitphotograhy-3Ravello_agnesborowik_dragonfruitphotograhy Ravello_agnesborowik_dragonfruitphotograhy-8 Ravello_agnesborowik_dragonfruitphotograhy-7Ravello_agnesborowik_dragonfruitphotograhy-6 Ravello_agnesborowik_dragonfruitphotograhy-5 Ravello_agnesborowik_dragonfruitphotograhy-4  Ravello_agnesborowik_dragonfruitphotograhy-2

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