Announcement: Exciting Re-branding of Dragon Fruit Photography Blog

Hi Everyone, I have some news to share.



I’ve been thinking about this blog for a while and how it’s evolved into something so much more than what I originally intended it to be almost 2 years ago. Originally I intended this to be a food and travel photography blog with some recipes but mostly photography. What I discovered as the weeks/months went on, is that I don’t just want to share my images with you but also speak from the heart (and the stomach 🙂 ).

My passion for food and travel has grown over the last 2 years, and through my experiences and research I’ve learned so much about whole food, healthy food, where food comes from, wheat allergies, gluten & dairy allergies, traveling with  food intolerances, food for the soul, traveling and eating on a budget, and I’ve come to a conclusion that I want to share more with you. Hopefully some of you can identify with these issues and if by chance reading my blog inspired you, or helped you in any way then it’s all worth it.

So with this new, more open direction shift of this blog, it only made sense to tweak the name of it.

So without further delay I give you…


Stay tuned, lots more to come in 2015… Enjoy.

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