Dairy-Free, Almond Coconut Milk Green Tea Matcha Latte

Having recently been inspired to revisit my love of matcha, I made myself some non-dairy green tea matcha latte for breakfast with quinoa toast, almond butter and jam.

Almond coconut milk green tea matcha latte.

Almond coconut milk green tea matcha latte.

Being dairy intolerant and wheat intolerant for almost a decade, it’s a challenge to find a milk alternative that tastes good and that can substitute well in recipes.

Here’s what I found:

Soy Beverage: I started out drinking soy after first finding out I had a problem digesting dairy, it wasn’t just lactose, but dairy in general. Since then, soy has received not so favourable reports about being GMO and simulating the effects of estrogen in your body. If you’re going to have soy as a milk substitute, choose organic and if you’re a woman not nearing menopause do drink it sparingly as it may have an effect on your hormones. At least do some more research on that. Soy beverages also come in many different flavours. Always check the sugar content, as the unsweetened doesn’t taste great. However, the flavoured versions contain as much sugar as a candy bar.

Almond Milk: Almond milk is one of my favourite substitutes in recipes as it is very liquid-like similar to milk. I use it in waffle recipes, pancake recipes. It also comes in different flavours, however, if you’re not getting the unsweetened version you may be getting much more sugar than you expected. I always buy the unsweetened, though not that great in taste, I add my own sweetener such as maple syrup or honey. This way I can control how sweet I make it.

Coconut milk: Also a favourite among the dairy-free community, it does tend to be a little bit thicker and does not substitute one-to-one in recipes. I always have to add a little water to liquefy it more. As a beverage in lattes or cereal, it’s not bad. Again, read the label for sugar content if you’re buying the flavoured kind. I opt for unsweetened once again and add maple syrup to cereal if needed.

Almond/coconut beverage: Relatively new blend on the market and perhaps my favourite for recipe substitutions and cereals. It still has a little bit of thickness as the coconut milk, so I have to adjust the flour measurements in recipes (use less) or add some water to the liquid. I do prefer this beverage for cereal, as out of all of the above unsweetened choices this one is the best tasting to me and I don’t need to add very much honey to sweeten.

Onto the matcha


If you don’t have the utensils that are sold to first mix the matcha green tea powder, you can use a shallow round bowl and a whisk. Take 1 tsp of matcha with 3 tbsp of water, and whisk until the lumps are dissolved. Add 1 cup of the hot milk alternative of your choice (as described above). Pour into a tall latte glass, top off with some non dairy whipped topping, or even some coconut ice cream, sweetened as desired. Double up on the ratio above for a large serving.

Quinoa toast with almond butter and orange and black current jam.

Quinoa toast with almond butter and orange and black current jam.

Serve for breakfast with a delicious Gluten-free quinoa toast with almond butter and orange or black current jam. Enjoy!



5 replies

  1. Like is too big a word, but I do use it in tea, cereal, peanut sauce, and any baking. It is good for that, but it is too thin for hot chocolate for instance. I will try almond milk next, and there is also oat milk, which I haven’t tried either. Quite a variety actually.

    • Sorry, you are wheat intolerant, so you may not be able to have oat milk. Is your wheat intolerance the same as gluten free? I have seen gluten free oats, in cafes that serve raw foods.

      • I’ve never heard of oat milk. But yes it has gluten. I’m supposed to be just wheat intolerant – which means I can have spelt, barley etc… They have gluten. However I went gluten free a couple months ago as I have an anxiety problem and gluten can effect the nervous system. I’ve been better though since going gluten free. I miss spelt pasta 🙂

        I like your comment on rice milk.. Hilarious 😉 thank you for commenting.

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