How to Spring Cleanse Your Body AND Your Mind

We’ve all heard of, or done, a body cleanse, whether with a product based program, or juice diet. But have you thought about a MIND cleanse? Your mind needs your attention as much as your body does. Over time, your psyche can build up toxic debris from past traumas or from the little everyday pebbles that accumulate over time. Don’t worry; there is a way that you can help your mind be healthier. But first…let’s start with a body cleanse.


Not being a particular fan of commercial products out there and there are plenty, making a lot of promises. They may work for some, however, I would recommend a juice cleanse instead. This way you know exactly what’s going into your glass and your body. Opt for organic produce vs. conventional if your budget allows. Studies have shown that organic produce contains more nutrients and no pesticides.

Looking for some recipe ideas? THIS is one of my favourites however, there are endless combinations you can do depending on what’s in your fridge. One rule to should stick to is not to mix green and orange fruits/veggies together. You’ll get muddy mess that’s a little off-tasting. Yellow fruits or veggies pair well with either green or orange produce. Below are a couple of suggestions to get you started.

Juice 1

Green apples, celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger.

Juice 2

Oranges, carrots, lemon (start with only 1) pears and a beet.


Try to do a juice cleans one day during the week to give your digestion a break. It’s when digestion is at a minimum, that’s when your body has chance to cleanse.

Now for the mind cleanse. Are you ready?

What is a mind cleanse exactly you ask? Well, let’s take a look. Most of us have spent a long winter mainly in-doors, with little sunlight, little fresh air, in close proximity to our loved ones (but some days we just want to strangle them), focusing on the daily grind and of course complaining about the weather and getting on each others nerves. And then there’s your job. Stats also show that 80% of us are not happy with our jobs, the commute, the boss, the co-worker and so on. Among other things we all are guilty of hanging on to some stressful or traumatic event that happened weeks, months or even years ago.

How can we clean out our mind from the debris.

Take the 30 day mental cleanse challenge. Here’s how.

1. For the first 2 days start off by paying attention to your thoughts. Count how many negative thoughts you have during a course of the day. A negative thought can be anything. Yelling at the person that cut you off while driving, getting angry at your barista who got your coffee order wrong, telling yourself you look fat, or you have bad hair, bad make-up, your toes curl funny, you nails are short, you hate your job, your boss and so on. You’ll be surprised just how many negative thoughts are in your swimming around in your head during a course of the day. This exercise will encourage you to be more mindful of them. Also notice how negative thoughts make you feel physically. Do you feel a pulling in your stomach, a heavy feeling, or tightness in the chest or neck?

2. After the 2 days, when you’ve become more aware of your thoughts, start to consciously divert the negative thinking. When you find yourself jumping to negative thought, make a mental note, that’s ok, don’t judge yourself, and simply shift your focus. For example if someone cuts you off on the highway, instead of cursing them out and getting angry, try thinking about what you like about your commute. For example, I like listening to my favourite radio station. I like having alone time while I drive. I like getting into my clean car.

Another example, if you’re not satisfied with your job, try naming what you like about your place of work or your role, perhaps the people that surround you, no matter how small. For example ‘I like the friends I made at work, I like having a cup of coffee at my desk, I like getting a steady paycheck that pays for my house where I enjoy spending time in.’ Are you starting to get the picture? After you’ve practiced this thought diversion exercise for a week, notice how you feel. Is there a difference? Do you feel like you can inhale a deeper breath, or lightness in your stomach and chest? It’s interesting how negative thought has a physical effect on us.

3. Now for the next step. Wake up with a positive thought. Upon waking set your intention for the day… ‘Today I will feel calm and safe’, ‘I don’t need to rush, everything will work out’, ‘Today I will not let other people’s moods effect me’, ‘It is easy for me to stay in a positive mood.’


Don’t worry if this is difficult in the beginning, you’re probably in a thought patter that has become second nature. Changing patterns is not easy, but like any pattern it’s all about repetition. If you keep at it and repeat the positive momentum you’ve built regardless of your environment, you can do this. Visualization also can help with this exercise.

Imagine an ocean. There is a storm and the waves are high. Ask yourself what is the ocean like 100 feet or 200 feet down? It is calm and peaceful, correct? Imagine that that’s what you are. An ocean. And regardless of the storms happening all around you, inside, you are as calm as the deep. Quite interesting isn’t it. You most likely won’t be able to be positive all of the time, no one can, it’s unrealistic so let yourself off the hook, but if you can reduce negative thinking just by 10%, 20% or even 30%, it will go a long way in making you a happier person. Maybe shoot for 80% or 90%, you never know. Good luck and enjoy.

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    Anyways, I’m definitely pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll
    be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

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