Slowing Life Down at Villa la Palagina, Chianti – Tuscany

Already missing the long lazy nights in Chianti a few weeks ago, I look at my photos and they instantly take me back. Though only having spend a couple of nights at this historic Villa, it certainly made an impression. In past travels, we visited the majour cities in Italy such as Rome, Florence a couple of times, and Venice, we were drawn away from the cities this time, away from the business. Tuscany offers just that. With rolling hills as far as the eye can see, lush green olive groves and linear vineyards we found true peace.



Villa La Palagina was a great historic place to stay in. The grounds were far enough into Chianti that all you saw were long stretches of nature. The Villa itself offered cozy, spacious rooms, luxurious bathrooms, tiny windows though but I’m guessing left originally from the convent days many decades ago. That was quite alright, it kept the rooms cool in the midsummer heat wave. Outside, the grounds offered 2 pools, with bar service, gardens to walk around, and a restaurant that compares to none so far.







italy2015-10We spent many hours at the restaurant, slow, easy enjoyment of each of the 6 courses of the tasting menu, only local seasonal ingredients used for each dish, meticulously prepared for presentation, not one course disappointed. In the background live music both local and contemporary. I must say the experience is unlike any other we’ve experienced in Italy so far. With full bellies and the midnight hour ahead, before dinner wrapped up, I was left to wonder if Italians truly eat this much, this late all the time. We only had a tasting menu, which was a smaller version of the full meal, according to our observations we did observe couples choosing 4 full size courses each without a whimper of fullness afterwards. There must be a secret only the local Italians know, maybe it’s in the wine. Enjoy.




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