Single Sunday Sangria

Adapted from a recipe on

We’re well into Fall here in Canada and I want to know who says Sangria is a summer drink? I’m not much of a rule follower, summer drinks, winter drinks, whatever. I love Sangria. It’s a great cocktail that’s not too sweet, full of fresh flavours and can be enjoyed any time, any season. I’d even argue that it’s a winter drink because citrus is in peak season in the cooler months. Traditionally made in a pitcher of large amounts, I wanted to do a single serve version to enjoy on a whim. So I whipped up this Sangria-For-One to enjoy on a Sunday evening while winding down and getting ready for another work week.


Sangria is native to Spain, which is another reason I love it, it transports me to the beautiful sunny coasts of Barcelona, where the sun shines 320 (or so) day per year, with lively atmosphere, and great culture. In my mind, I’m always somewhere in Europe and I enjoy the tastes that take me away.


What you’ll need

7 oz of chilled dry red wine
1 oz Chambord (French black raspberry liqueur)
1 orange slice (cut into 4s)1 lemon slice
5-6 raspberries

What to do

In a stemless glass combine the wine, Chambord and fruit. Let sit for about 10 minutes until the flavours merry. Or you can mix this during the day and refrigerate for a couple of hours. The fruit flavours come through more if left to chill.

And Salud!


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