Photo of Agnes by Scott Murdoch – Five by Five Photography


Hi there, I’m Agnes.

On this blog you will find healthy and eye-catching meal ideas plus travel insight with a dash of global flavour.

Being a food writer, photographer, and a die-hard foodie of real, whole foods, I love creating simple & healthy recipes which I photograph in my studio to share with you. I also love to travel the world in search of culinary delights, peaceful scenery and historical wonders.

I created this blog to share my 2 passions with you. First, for tasty dishes that can be created using simple, healthy and real food ingredients and how beautiful they can look.

In the age of processed, genetically modified and chemically altered food available, I’m a believer that those are the reasons we so often feel ill. Being allergic to wheat myself,  I often need to be pretty creative in the kitchen. This encouraged me to really see what I’m putting into my body.

Second, for the love of travel and all the cultural, culinary and scenic gifts that await with each new adventure.

I want to share with you the stunning photography of each country I visit, along with travel tips and useful information. I hope that this blog will inspire you to eat more ‘real’ foods that are healthy and super tasty, and also help you with your next adventure.

**All food styling, prop styling and photography is done my me. I hold the copyright to all images. Please do not re-crop any of the images if you wish to share, and please link back to my site after obtaining permission. Thank You.

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  1. How lovely to find your Likes waiting for me in my inbox today. Perhaps you’d enjoy the soup du jour. Always enjoy your posts! -cheers

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